Lakshmi Ring Travellers Limited (LRT), India

LRT established in 1974, is one of the leading CNC Profile cutting machine manufactures in India with excellent setup to innovate the design from time to time to varying customer’s requirements. Started CNC Profile cutting machine manufacturing activities in the year 1995 in technical tie up with ZINSER – Germany.

Products - Flame and Plasma Cutting Machines.

CNC Profile Cutting Machine

Machine Features

  • Effective cutting width from 1.5mts upto 6mts in multiples of 0.5mts
  • Effective cutting length from 4mts upto 30mts in multiples of 2mts
  • Heavy fabricated sturdy machine structure
  • Gantry cutting machine for oxy-fuel and plasma cutting
  • Digitally controlled AC dual drive gantry axis
  • High precision Planetary gearbox for axis movement
  • The high stiffness, precise linear guides in the transverse axis
  • Heavy duty runways, based on milled railway rail
  • Drag chain conveyor system provided for gas hose and
    electric cable in all axis.
  • Selected Racks for guaranteed excellent motion at higher speeds.
  • Solenoid valve control for Gas flow control
  • Large diameter ground and hardened running wheels.
  • Motorized height adjustment of torch
  • Flash back arrester
  • Positioning speed 6000mm/min
  • Equipped with twin sided rack and pinion drives in the
    longitudinal direction.
  • Torch carriers maximum 8 Nos
  • Piercing device with fast preheat unit

Controller Features

  • PLC based, CNC controller (32 Bit / 132 MHZ Processor)
  • Controller interface with other peripherals via ethernet, Pendrive for program transfer
  • Display 10” touch screen will have USB port in the front to have possibility of connecting the keyboard / USB stick
  • Auto plate alignment to work with narrow plates
  • Last memory interrupted point in-built feature, takes the torch to the last point where machine got stopped during the power failure
  • Retrace function for taking the torch in reverse direction in the same cutting path
  • Cutting most complicated profiles & preset profiles available

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