RASOMA Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH, Germany

RASOMA from Germany, formerly Liebert & Gürtler, was founded in 1919. Their newest products in development are the CNC-controlled machining centres where they endwork shaft-type components.

In addition to these developments, customized solutions for the interlinking of machining centres, workpiece handling and storage systems as well as special purpose machines for specific machining tasks are designed and manufactured.

Products from RASOMA

Products manufactured in series

Vertical Lathes

DS Series - Features

  • Very high stiffness
  • High thermal stability
  • Short non-productive times
  • High flexibility

DZS series - Features

  • Newly developed DZS comes in 4 sizes, single-spindle, twin-spindle
  • Can also be equipped with extra machining unit for high-performance milling, engraving and other procedures.
  • Our centres can also be operated with two independent cross slides so that two processes can be performed simultaneously.
  • The longitudinal slide glides along three linear guides and has a linear drive. This results in extremely high stability with a simultaneously high dynamic (speed 120 m/min, acceleration 5 m/s²).

End Machining Centres

Horizontal end machining centres EBZ

  • EBZ 60/250: Work lengths up to approx. 500 mm.
  • EBZ 250: Vertical lathes series- DS and DZS approx. 500 - 2,500 mm

Machining Centres for rotationally symmetric parts

RBZ 2 The machining centre RBZ 2 is a heavy-duty machine equipped with components of renowned manufacturers for demanding machining tasks with high requirements to dimensional stability, geometrical accuracy and surface finish. Thanks to a high division of cuts an extremely short machining time is obtained. The times for feeding and take-off of the workpiece are not included in the essential operating time.

Configuration of the machine depends on the piece to be manufactured. The machining units are arranged in the necessary position on the machine column. The machining units comprise the spindle drive for the tool, the eccentric drive for the radial facing slide (x-axis) and the feed axis (z-axis), driven by digital servo drives. It is possible to arrange up to eight machining units at the same time. Loading can be dimensioned according to the workpiece, e.g. with timing disc for separating and measuring.

EBZ 400 CNG - Bottom end and neck machining of gas cylinders

This machine has been designed for the complete machining CNG gas cylinder necks in less than one minute. Depending on position and specification, the machine can be used for the machining of cylinder necks with various millings and threads.

Machine :

  • Cutting the cylinder neck to length
  • Core hole drilling
  • Surface milling
  • Machining of outside and inside diameter
  • Thread tapping.


Gantry series RP 30, RP 70, RP 100, RP 150

Linear gantries comprise the following main components:

  • Horizontal axis
  • Vertical axis (also as telescope axis)
  • Gantry posts height-adjustable
  • Gantry wagon
  • Customized gripping component
  • Switch cabinet incl. control
  • Safety device
  • Pneumatics and lubrication
  • Interface adaption
  • Support and service.

Plate conveyor

The RASOMA – plate conveyor is suitable for the transportation of workpieces without carrier pallets. Length: Standard 3.8 m, other lengths upon request; Load max. 20 kg

Accumulation roller chain conveyor

The RASOMA – accumulation roller chain conveyor is available for work weights from 5 kp to 250 kp in different sizes. Length: Standard 4 m, other lengths upon request; Load max.: Heavy model drive 200 kg/m, Lightweight model drive 40 kg/m.

Special Purpose machines

Double-spindle special purpose machine DSP 360 - 2 for perforating braking discs

The double-spindle special purpose machine has been designed for the perforation of braking discs. Any number of holes can be drilled with that machine. The unmachined parts are fed by an automatic loading device which is coupled to a workpiece alignment in order to place the various boreholes in the right position on the braking disc. In addition, a height-positioning system ensures that the braking discs are adjusted to the different heights. The measured values for height adjustment during machining are deposited in the control unit. For each type of braking disc, a machining program for the respective drilling pattern is stored in the control unit. A reversing station connects first and second clamping. A storage unit is used to feed out the finished parts.


Special drilling machine for the accurate axial machining of shift sleeves

This drilling machine is used for the efficient and accurate axial drilling of fits to shift sleeves. The work pieces are fed by means of clamping units on the rotary transfer table which supply the work pieces with clock pulses into the working space. The drilling tools are situated on the left-hand and right-hand side of the work piece in both motor spindles. ( Eccentric machining possible). There is a crown-type turret placed in the centre behind the work piece in a 90° angle to the drilling spindles that provides the possibility to cam in up to 6 tool units.


Prominent customers for RASOMA

  • AD Steel Forge GmbH Germany; Anji Precision LTD China
  • BMW AG Germany; CMV SRL Italy
  • Daimler AG Germany; Daimler AG USA
  • EMAG GmbH Germany; Eifelwerk Gruppe Germany
  • Federal Mogul GmbH Germany; Ford Corporation Great Britain
  • Fräger GmbH Germany; Freudenberg GmbH Germany
  • General Motors AG USA; KOKI Technik GmbH Germany
  • Kordel GmbH Germany; KmB Technologie GmbH Germany
  • Küpper GmbH Germany; Mahle GmbH Germany
  • Lakshmi LTD India
  • MAN Ferrostahl AG Germany; Mannesmannrohr GmbH Germany
  • NILES-SIMMONS GmbH Germany; Opel AG Germany
  • Orsk Machine Building Plant Russia; Reintjes GmbH Germany
  • Siemens VDO Germany; Visteon Corporation Great Britain
  • Volkswagen AG Germany; VTF Group Switzerland
  • Weigel Antriebstechnik GmbH Germany
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