TOS, Czech Republic

TOS, a.s. Czech Republic company founded in 1856, develops tradition of manufacturing of working machines launched 152 year ago by Mr. Karel Jockel. Further Mr. Kameníček, Podhajský and Volman and successfully developed by companies TOS Hostivař, CETOS and TOS Čelákovice. After relocation they are established in modern plant in Čelákovice. The development and manufacturing of working machines under trademark TOS continues and the machines are successfully supplied throughout the world.

Product from TOS

Centre grinding machines


BUA 25 B Practic, BUA 25 B Profi, BUB 40B Practic, BUB 40B Profi, BUB 50B Practic, BUB 50B Profi, BUB 50B Multi, BUB 63B Practic, BUB 63B Profi, BUB 63B Multi, BUB 85B Practic, BUB 85B Profi, BUB 85B Multi.

BUB 50B Practic, BUB 50B Profi, BUB 50B Multi,

Centreless grinding machines


C 250 CNC, C 500 CNC

Traditional turning machines


SU 63H, SU 80H, SU 100H, SU 125H, SU 150H

CNC Turning machines


SUA 63 Numeric, SUA 80 Numeric, SUA 100 Numeric, SUA125 Numeric, SUA 150 Numeric

Machining Centres

Models : TT 75

Multifunctional lathe centre Tos Turn is production machine for fully automatic (semi-automatic) machining of shaft and flange components in optimal machining time with very high accuracy. Machine TT 75 features possibility to use most modern tools in the area of turning, milling and other technological operations built upon high support of CNC system yet from the workpiece clamping into the machine.

Gear Milling Machines


OFA 32 CNC 6, OFA 75 CNC 6, OFA 100 CNC 6

Gear Shaping Machines


OHA 50 CNC 5

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