Innotool, Austria

INNOTOOL Austria has formed over the years to specialize in solutions for manufacturing process. The following focal points are important for us:

The key competences of Innotool Austria are the construction and development of new products.

All products will be assembled, tested and shipped from their facility in Altach. That guarantees continuous quality assurance. FOR YOUR PRECISION.

Products from Innotool

Clamping - Installation chucks

ESM 138

The ESM 138 is the most flexible chuck of the unilock family.
This chuck masters almost all clamping applications in this world.
ESM 176

The ESM 176 can handle heavyweight fixtures.
It will not move a μ, no matter which forces apply to it.
ESM 100-75

The ESM 100-75 bribes, because of its small body.
Elegant and with self-assertion it is proven for small applications.
HSM 196

The HSM 196 works perfectly clinging to the spindle on turning machines.
With its accessories the work is secure and will bring efficiency into the turning work.

Assembly Chucks

MSM 170

The MSM 170 offers its competences on its own
A bit introverted but highly efficient, that is its way of working.
ASM 120

The ASM 120 places itself easily on grid plates.
Changing the positions is no problem for this open-minded chuck.
ASH 120

The ASH 120 is unaffected by forces or chips.
Because of its robust design, the manual one could even survive on the moon.
ASM 90

The ASM 90 is one of the smallest chucks of the unilock family.
Small jobs are its specialty, the little round one fits into confirmed work areas with success.

Assembly Flange Chucks

EFM 138

This chuck is not afraid of any heights and offers stable and safe clamping on all types of towers.
There is no space lost because of the short flange height of only 11mm/.433“.
AFM 146

The AFM 146 mates directly with the machine table. It is strong in single use but also has team quality.
Its flat figure let unimagined free zone for operations.
AFM 105-65

The construction style with small dimensions allows the AFM 105-65 to be used as well as automation interface. Work parts and machine spindle can be connected closer. The possibility to reach very small inside micrometers is a good requirement for 5-axis applications.
EBD 100-150

The EDB 100-150 chuck is a real water rat and loves to work on difficult jobs.
No matter how this chuck will be placed, it is liberal and accessible from all sides.

Clamping Knobs

Each assistant is unique for itself. But all of them have the following things in common: grip, stability and security. UNILOCK standard clamping knobs are the most forceful in zero-point-clamping-technology as well as invariable and compatible since their launch in 1996.

Clamping Stations

These light-weights can handle all machine tables, bench vices and clamping pallets.

They are flexible in their operation as well as looking forward to jumping from one place to the other.

Solid and for the hard work, that‘s what the compact ones have been made for.

A quick change of their places is anyway possible and very simple.

For possible uses, there are no limits with the QLM 400. It will handle all jobs precisely and with a sense of responsibility.

Clamping towers / Pallets

All in one and ready for action, that‘s how the Duo-tower-light 200 is representing himself.

It is a work animal, which is taking everything very serious.

Vices / Clamping Cylinders

A clamping system for universal use and a precision tooth system, guarantees a high repeatability down to 0.01μ. The UNICLAMP system is one of the smallest systems on the market.

A little power clamp with big opportunities. This special power clamp bites powerful (3kN) and does not take away any place of the machined work-piece.


The world of automation, including robot- and pallet-interfaces, automation clamping devices as well as automation chucks for any operation.

This Automation chuck is the smallest one of the UNILOCK Automation family, designed for flexible operations. Sensible in dealing with Robots, is this chuck ready for use as well as a powerful and safe help for every automation application.

This Automation clamping chuck is the middle-sized UNILOCK Automation chuck, designed for powerful operation. An integrated lifting function supports the disassembling of heavyweight devices.

Automation Assembly Chucks

This UNILOCK Automation device with its advantageous body dimensions can be used on various machine tables, combined or as a single station.

Unilock Automation Robot Interface

Unilock Automation Pallet Interface

  • Unilock Automation Clamping Rings
  • Unilock Automation Centering Devices
  • UNILOCK Automation Clamping Rings offer a big surface as well as a centering.
  • The advantage is the big proportion at the clamping rings, for a save clamp of work-pieces and devices.


A high precision tool presetter, for small budgets. toolset convinces with high-tech-elements, extraordinary stability and a high repeatability.

Assembly Systems

A high-grade tool assembly station, which knows all kind and types of tools.

Toolfix establishes the base for a comfortable and save workplace.


The first-aid-kit for every lathe departement. With itool almost every turning operation can be realized.


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