KAISER Precision Tooling Ltd., Switzerland

KAISER Precision Tooling Ltd from Swiss since 1948, is a world wide operating company with more than 60 years experience in development and production of precision tools. The main business of this company is the development, production and sales of the modular precision tool system for drilling, boring, milling and tapping. Important customers are not only the machine-building - car - and aircraft industries,but also machine tool manufacturers, tool & mould makers and job shops that equip their machining centers with KAISER tools in order to offer the customers solutions according to their demands.

Products from Kaiser

Prominent customers for Heinz Kaiser:

India B&C Machinery, Delphi-TVS, Elgi Equipments Ltd (Compressor Mfg), Fisher Xomox, Godreg+Boyce mfg, HAL, HMT, LMW(Textile Machinery Mfg), Rieter-LMW, Sundaram Clayton, TATA Manufacturing Solutions, Ucal Fuel Systems(Automobile Ind)
Worldwide Heinz Kaiser is the market leader in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Japan, France, UK, USA, Czech Republic, Denmark, Netherland, Poland, Spain, Sweden, etc...

Prominent Industries for Heinz Kaiser:

Automobile Mfg, Aircraft & Aerospace Industry, Defence Industry, Heavy Engineering, Medical Equipment Mfg, Power Generation & Transmission Equipment Mfg, High Precision component Mfg, Watch industry, etc...
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