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PIBOMULTI, Switzerland

PIBOMULTI, founded in 1979, from Swiss are specialized in the engineering and manufacturing of multispindle heads, right angle and adjustable angle heads, turret heads and spindle speed multipliers. Their products are designed to stand up to the rigors of high production as well as the demands of die and mould making. Their turret heads and multispindle heads, in particular, can reduce the multiple clamping required for all sizes of intricate parts. All of the PIBOMULTI products are designed with the latest technology in mind and are of the highest quality available. PIBOMULTI provides the answers for increased productivity in your operations. Their products can be engineered to fit transfer machines, special machines, machining centers and lathes of all sorts and sizes.

Tools from Pibomulti

Angular Heads

Strong with 30 years of technical experience and production, PIBOMULTI offers you the solutions for effective machining in order to reduce machining time. Angular heads of more than 2 meters and power exceeding 100 kW or miniatures of a few millimeters only with a weight of a few hundred gramms. Your machining problems will be resolved.

  • The performance
  • The quality
  • Machining analysis
  • Angular heads adaptec to the operation
  • Innovative, high efficiency
  • Strong and compact
  • Important diversity
  • Adaptable to any machine
  • High technologie
  • Collant through the tool

Spindle Speeders

High speed precursor, PIBOMULTI, has developped for more than 30 years spindle speeders, which have proved their performance in different machining situations such as drilling, milling, tapping and even grinding. Every model is adapted to a specific job. The mechanical drive concept provides excellent transmission of torque, and this in a limited space.

  • Trouble free life
  • Greased for long life
  • Good stablility
  • Precision
  • Near perfect concentricity: < 0.005 mm
  • Compact design
  • Quiet operation
  • Prevent the premature wear on machine spindles
  • Maximize tool outputs
  • Lubrification centrale 

Multispindle Heads

Less than one kilo or more than one hundred the same thought of perfection is applied all the way when multispindle heads are designed and prduced. This tool generation is in compete accord with the requirements of modern machining specifications and is adapted to the most recent technologies.

  • Precision spindles
  • High precision bearings
  • Dust protections according to speed requests
  • Speed and power adapted to the machining
  • Coolant through the tools

Turret Heads

On this turret head with 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 stations, each spindle is driven separately at the working position either through the machine or a driving unit. Each station can be adapted to the work to be done. The universality of this turret head allows also the fitting of multispindle heads, angular heads or spindle speeders upto 40'000 rpm. The turret rotation without uplift, is quick and precise. It does insure a good protection angainst impurities.

  • Construction in cast iron, rigid and compact
  • Turret rotation without uplift
  • External coolant on working spindle only
  • The indexing of the turret is driven hydaulically
  • Optional, hydraucally turret locking
  • Modular spindles and tool holders equipped with either high speed ball bearings with ou without coolant through the center

Alternating Spindles

Tool change in less than 0.2 sec. Drilling, tapping, milling, countersinking... Increase production !

Watch Industry

Manufacturing machines to produce main plates, pushers, crowns, attachments or links... Machine for bar machining, drilling, milling, contouring and tapping, Workbench machinery for micro-milling... A condensed high technological level for the watch industry !

Industries Served by Pibomulti

Machine tool builders around the world have placed their trust and reputation on PIBOMULTI accessories of their machines. their tools have been utilized in all kinds of industry - as miniature as watch making and as large as shipbuilding! They have enjoyed a very strong relationship with the auto making industry in particular. Large Industrial Groups or small shops - all of their customers have remained loyal to PIBOMULTI over the years and have learned to trust that quality, delivery and service are the hallmarks of PIBOMULTI.

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