Speroni, Italy

SPERONI from Italy beginning in 1963 has always applied it “Precision by Design” motto in all its work; Speroni offers a vast line of products and solutions in the fields of Tool Preset, Measurement and Management, and Quality Inspection of the Manufacturing Process.

Tools from Speroni

Tool presetting for Milling & Turning



“MAGIS” Tool Presetting & Measuring Systems is a new line of tool presetting and measuring systems & controls which revolutionizes the way one uses software in the tool measuring world. In today’s world, software companies add screens, windows and menus in order to give the user more features. Speroni’s MAGIS control for tool presetting and measuring combines all of the needed features and functions in a user friendly, clean and trouble free single screen user interface. Available with optional touch screen technology the new Speroni MAGIS will allow you to start measuring your tools accurately in literally less than 5 minutes of training.

Tool Presetting for Shrink – Fit and Tribos

Ez Shrink

EzShrink - Your all in one easy to use Preset, Measure & Shrink fit System Speroni’s EzShrink line is the only second generation fully integrated universal tool presetting & measuring and Shrinkfit system on the market today that can pride its technology of over six years of successful working experience in a full production working environment. Speroni’s all in one EzShrink system includes setting sleeves, automatic and fully integrated tool height adjustment system, high powered multi-frequency coil system, integrated cooling system and Speroni PC Based EzVision control with CCD vision system.

Auto Shrink

Ez tribos

EzTribos - Your all in one easy to use Preset, Measure & TRIBOS polygonal clamping System. The perfect combination between Tribos clamping technology and the presetting device from Speroni allows for unprecedented, high-precision tool setting inside the tool holder – for even better machining results. The TRIBOS clamping device is permanently mounted on the automatic tailstock of the EzTribos system. An actuating unit, identical to that on the automatic clamping device SVP-3, is used to comfortably set the clamping pressure.

Auto Tribos

Tool Management

Speroni’s Tool Management System adds to the already powerful Database capabilities included in the Speroni ProVision control.

You will be able to organize your tool crib and manage it efficiently and as a result optimize your tool resources and deliver the right tool to the right operation at the right time.

The Tool Crib management function for components and cutters is going to allow you to organize every single component that makes up your tool resource. From minimum to maximum levels, from warning levels to re-order points, specific drawing and/or picture of the component, location, etc. the Speroni Tool Management System supplies you with a vast number of dedicated fields to efficiently organize your valuable components and cutters.

Features like the Assembly – Disassembly module will allow you to locate and easily assemble and/or disassemble any tool assembly stored in your Speroni Tool management system database by showing you exactly where each needed component is and how many of each you need to make a perfect assembly.

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